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Studio Design and Installation

In schools, colleges, universities, performance spaces and a whole host of other venues across the UK, Europe and beyond, Northern Light has been responsible for the design and installation of technical systems for recording, broadcast, radio, film, photographic and drama studios.

Studio Sound and Lighting Design and Installation

Specialising in the provision of sound, lighting, digital media, TV/film and audio visual equipment, Northern Light has designed and installed technical systems in a wide range of studios, from stand-alone stop-motion capture studios to whole building system integration that incorporates all studio spaces.

Studio Sound and Lighting Services

Northern Light’s technical expertise include:

  • TV/Film studio sound and lighting systems
  • Recording studio sound and lighting systems
  • Photographic studio sound and lighting systems
  • Radio studio sound and lighting systems
  • Drama studio sound and lighting systems
  • Motion capture studio sound and lighting systems
  • Stop-motion capture studio sound and lighting systems

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